Keep the dream alive! And how an accountability partner can help give you direction.

Are there times that you feel super pumped about an idea that you’ve had about starting your own business, or getting organized at home, or taking on an at-home project yourself; but then a couple of weeks or so go by and the dream is gone; the charge and excitement have been lost?

Most of the time our dreams start to fizzle because we aren’t seeing instant gratification. As human beings, we crave for things that bring us pleasure, that satisfy certain urges or feelings. So when we don’t receive what we were looking for (instantly becoming a millionaire from the hottest business idea we’ve ever had), then naturally we give up and search for something else that will gratify our desire.

Having someone to continue to motivate you and continue to build your self-esteem is fundamental in trying to achieve goals.

Here are 4 ways an accountability partner can help you keep moving in a direction to make those dreams become a reality:

  1. They give you that kick in the butt when you want to stop. When you start feeling that you can’t really make this work, that all your dreams, are just that – dreams, then your partner in crime can help give you that self-esteem boost to remind you of what you can do if you keep working at it.
  2. They will push you to stop trying to take shortcuts, and do it already! We’ve all seen those fantastic infomercials, or the never-ending Facebook ads, that tell us if we just wear this waistband contraption, then we won’t need to work out ever again. Yeah, well, we know those are most likely not going to give us the long-lasting results we are looking for in life. Your accountability partner will help keep you on track. They should act as your sounding board to tell your ideas and keep you accountable for your actions so you don’t start taking too many shortcuts.
  3. They are great for bouncing different ideas around. Starting something new, means you need to first see if this is really something that could take off, or that is a need for others. Hello guinea pig; I mean, partner!
  4. They have a different angle of looking at things. Hindsight is 20/20. This is true; but foresight with a partner is 40/40! I’d say those odds look a lot better. Brainstorming is must with all ideas, especially the more complicated they get. You can’t possibly come up with all scenarios on your own, but with someone else there to help you look at all angles, you have a better chance of looking at ways a goal needs to be tweaked to make sure it has the best opportunity at succeeding.

*Your accountability needs to be someone you trust and someone you can easily get in contact with when you need (but don’t overuse this privilege). You need to make sure that regular check-ins are going to occur to ensure maximum motivation and encouragement are keeping you on track.

I know you can do whatever your heart can dream – you must believe in it more! Good luck! I’d love to hear about any great success stories with using an accountability partner. Comment below to let us know how it went, or is going, and any other tips you’d like to share.

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